Contest Placements

Newgrounds Audio Deathmatch (NGADM) 2021: 1st Place
Newgrounds Art-Inspired-Music (AIM) 2021: 1st Place
Newgrounds Battle-Of-The-Bands 2023: 1st Place
Newgrounds Orchestral Contest 2021: 2nd Place
Newgrounds Art-Inspired-Music (AIM) 2020: 3rd Place
Newgrounds Pico Day (Audio Entries) 2022: 4th Place
Newgrounds Art-Inspired-Music (AIM) 2023: 4th Place

Other Projects & Roles

2023-2024 - Ambassador Lead: Gallium Studios (Proxi)
2022-2023 - Artist-In-Residence + Mentor-In-Residence: Gallium Studios (Proxi)
2022 - Composed the piece 'Decapulation - Infectious Decline' for waxperson's animation: Heebie Jeebies
2014/2015 - Composed the piece 'Thunderfist', which was later used in TwinBlazar's game: Project Dimentia Bodhisattv
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